Cable Company Security vs. Alarm Company

how-alarm-systems workCable companies are entering into the world of home security. They are adding it to a long list of services they currently provide like, television, internet, and telephone, with cable company security being the latest add-on service.

They are investing in and creating their own brand of equipment. It is exclusive only to them, often made by the manufacturer of their cable boxes and hardware. This makes the equipment proprietary and only able to be used with them. Local alarm companies have a choice of many different equipment manufactures specifically made for life safety. Equipment that can be used with a multitude of different providers and monitoring centers. This means if you dont like the provider you can switch and continue to use the equipment you purchased. Often times this is not the case with cable companies. When you cancel the service the equipment is useless.

Alarm companies typically sell the equipment to you or give it to you free on a small agreement. This equipment is owned and not leased. At the end of your term you keep what you paid for. With cable companies you typically send back the hardware and any money invested is gone.

When you alarm goes off it sends a signal to the monitoring center where an agent takes the call and dispatches the appropriate authorities. This signal is sent in different ways depending on how you set up your alarm. It can be done through a traditional land line, WiFi, or cellular. Many alarm companies prefer to use a cellular connection to prevents bad guys from cutting landlines, or cable coming into the home. Cable companies are often set up to sync with your WiFi because they are also your internet provider. This leaves vulnerability to the lines being cut.

Most states require alarm technicians, owners and salesmen to be background checked by multiple agencies like DPS and FBI. States regulate and take seriously who comes into your home and is installing life safety devices. In Arizona the Board of Technical Registration is the overseer and regulator of Alarm companies, technicians and owners. They want to insure you have someone in your home that is qualified. Cable companies often skirt around these regulations and governing bodies because they are already in your home doing other services. This could mean employees without background checks or the proper licensing being in your home.

A quick way to find out the experience people are having with local alarm companies is to Google the company name or simply “home security (your city)” . Look at the reviews that customers have written, find the companies you are looking to interview and write down their rating. Take a look into the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and anywhere else you can find reviews. If many customer are having the same experience, it is likely you will too. Cable companies are starting to be listed in the same results, look at their reviews and rankings and compare them to a local alarm company that specializes only in protecting your home and loved ones.

Who is authorized dealer
Alarm systems were all pretty much the same for many years. decided to change the game with the latest technology in security & smart home solutions, including energy management, video monitoring, and intelligent automation of your home.

Reinventing security was their focus and they launched the 1st interactive security solution. They allowed us to now remotely arm and disarm our systems from anywhere in the world. They established the first nationwide GSM cellular connection back in 2010, making alarm systems more secure.

Smart home technology was created with a broad range of offerings back in 2007 introducing video as a service and launching their first app to control your system. They also began offering energy management solutions controlling even more of your home.

Leading the market has been the goal of and in 2011 they invented the image sensor. The marriage between a motion detector and a still camera. They fortified the cellular network for home and business security creating the first LTE smart home connection.

Defining the next generation of security continues in 2015 with the launch of the new thermostat, the first integrated pet tracker, and the 1st smart home app for the Apple Watch. offers exclusive technology to revolutionize the way you protect and interact with your home. Giving you a much richer experience on a solid platform. They have features like “crash and smash” which is a patented technology used when your  control panel is damaged. Now bad guys cannot simply walk in and destroy the alarm before it goes off. They offer “event triggered recordings” so you can record the things you care about such as activity from the security system being armed or the front door being opened. They can help you create “smart schedules” to save energy through automation that is optimized by your activity patterns. Get pictures sent to you from the patented “image sensor ” directly to your mobile phone.

Patented Technology carries dozens of patents and has many applications pending. They will continue to offer us the best in home security and automation.

U.S. Alarm Brokers is an authorized retailer of’s services and proudly provides peace of mind with these latest technologies and services.


Why Cellular?


When protecting your home it is important to understand how the alarm works when it goes off. You will have a system that has either wired or wireless contacts at the doors or windows. These magnetic connections once broken will trigger the alarm. Once the alarm goes off, understanding how it will communicate to the monitoring center is important.

Traditional Landlines are a common way to transmit signals to the monitoring center. This require the customer to have and maintain a traditional landline from the phone company. Typically customers are moving away from this old technology. They are also vulnerable to attack by cutting the wire outside of the home to disable the alarm.

WiFi is being used by many alarm companies because internet is common in most homes. This requires having internet service and a module inside of the alarm capable of communicating with a wireless router in your home. This type of connection has its limitations also, when the internet is down so is your alarm system. The wires coming into the home from the cable provider are also subject to being cut, disabling the alarm.

Cellular is the most secure connection you can use to send signals to the monitoring center. There are no exposed wires and cellular signal is reliable. Alarm systems connect to an emergency side of the cell tower keeping a strong signal open. There are many providers that offer cell service to alarm companies and having a good provider is crucial.

U.S. Alarm Brokers provides alarm systems that are equipped with a cellular connection. We feel that the cellular connection between the alarm system and the monitoring center is the most secure way to send these signals.  We currently use Verizon in our alarm systems because the connection is the strongest in our area. We are always assessing providers and checking signal coverage. If another provider has stronger coverage in your area we will use that provider.

When getting a new security system it is important to ask these questions. Knowing how reliable the signal being sent is when an emergency is happening is crucial.

Choosing a Home Security System in Tucson, Arizona

burglary and violent crime protection There is reason why U.S. Alarm Brokers is the premier choice of alarm systems and home security systems in Tucson. It’s because we offer a one of a kind system that you cannot beat. Our system offers a variety of features including touch screen automation, cellular communication and wireless protection. No matter what size home or location we can service your installation and protect your valuable assets.

Tucson is like any other city;  it has crime and burglary even if you live on a nice side of town. According to TPD (Tucson Police Department) crime statistics, a residential robbery in Tucson happens every few days and sometimes multiple times per day. Even with Tucson being a non-major city, robbery still happens on a consistent basis throughout the year. You can view the latest reported residential robberies on the TPD website here.

Odds are it will never happen to me!

This is a common response by most people who do not own a home security system until it is already too late. Maybe you will be lucky and never be robbed, but odds are you know at least one person who has been at some point in their lives. We are sure they wish they had some kind of protection before the event occurred. Getting an alarm system should always be a preventative measure, never something you have to invest in after becoming a victim of a robbery.

We can help you, and we can do it inexpensively and with top of the line equipment. You can visit our contact page and give us a call today or read more about our alarm systems here. Remember, it is never too late to invest in protecting your future whether you have been robbed in the past or have been more fortunate. We pride ourselves on quick and professional installation and customer service.

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