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Residential Security

Protecting your home is a necessity in today’s world. We start with a home security system that is easy to operate, well built, reliable, and affordable. We work with you to ensure it meets the specific needs of your family and home.

We offer a variety of brands, and service the majority of alarm systems on the market. Honeywell, 2gig, DSC, Qolsys, GE and many more.

We install hardwired and wireless systems. No landline connections or internet is needed. We offer the most secure wireless connections, with providers like Verizon.

Partnering with industry leaders like Alarm.com and Central Security Group allows us to offer local old fashioned service and the latest technologies.

Our alarms systems are more interactive than ever with remote arming and disarming, live camera views and the ability to control many features of your home.


Choosing the right system to protect the things you love is important. We strive to achieve your goals and tailor a system to your specific needs. Giving you complete protection, while remaining affordable.

Our systems can be used with other providers. Many of our competitors use proprietary equipment that can only be used by them exclusively.

We like our customers to see what they are buying prior to making a decision. Often we will bring systems out to demonstrate with no cost or obligation.

World Class Monitoring

Partnering with the highest rated monitoring centers in the country allow us to provide excellent service.

When a burglary or a fire occurs, time is of the essence. Using industry leading monitoring centers we handle your emergency fast and reliably. With hundreds of agents standing by we are quick to dispatch the help you need!

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Mobile Control

Use your smart phone or tablet to control your security system. It is easy to use and provides real time alerts. You can also control thermostats, lights and locks and much more. Stay connected to your home even while you are away.

Crash and Smash Protection

When a homeowner enters the home, the alarm counts down, giving time to disarm. During a crash and smash the burglar locates the alarm system and disables it before it sends a signal. With the protection of Alarm.com patented crash and smash protection, you do not have to worry about a burglar destroying and disabling the alarm. If the alarm does not report it has been properly turned off the monitoring center is notified and proper authorities are dispatched.

Image Sensor

This break through new product is the marriage of a motion detector and a still-camera. When motion is detected this device will snap photos and send them to you directly via text or email. Helping to reduce false alarms and catch criminals.

Energy Management

Control your energy usage and cut costs! The energy assistant by alarm.com automates thermostats to optimize energy savings. Setting up smart schedules to run at the best times of day. You can monitor whole home energy usage by kWh and dollars.

Video Monitoring

Interactive video monitoring allows you to see what is going on inside your home. The video integrates seamlessly with the security system. When an alarm is triggered or motion detection is seen by the camera it records video. The video is sent to you directly via text or email. With offsite video storage you never have to worry about losing the recorded data.

Home Automation

Alarm.com makes it easier than ever to empower your home with intelligent automation of your lights, locks, window treatments, thermostats, garage doors and other small appliances. We also fully customized automation of your home with many solutions to meet your goals.

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home security camera

Contract or No Contract?

Most of our customers take advantage of our free installation and free equipment offer by signing a short agreement.

If you prefer to have no commitment and a lower monthly, we offer equipment at discounted pricing making the no contract option affordable.


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